Measurement facilities

3D Measurements

COORD 3 Measurement Machine 1800 x 900 x 700 mm

Surface coating quality control

Monitoring the parameters of the laboratory analysis:

X-ray method:
– Thickness of Zn-Ni layer,
– Concentration of Ni and Zn in alloy coating,
– Concentration of Ni and Zn from the alloy of the electrolyte.

Salt spray test method:
– Test of resistance to corrosion.

Analytical chemical analysis method:
– Analysis, monitoring and correcction of the treatment baths of Zn-Ni process.

Test with Hull Cell method:
– Determination of additives of Zn – Ni electrolyte.

Salt Spray Test Equipment

Salt spray test equipment with automatic test cycles and automatic parameters monitoring according with customer requirements for corrosion tests